Last year I did a shoot with Adidas for their My Girls campaign to get more women into sport.

My section of the shoot was all about cycling in London and the scene that is incorporated in.

It was fantastic to work with such a great team and really showcase the sport to its full potential.

Imagine my surprise when I received a phone call from the same production company asking if I would like to appear in their latest shoot the very next day.

I was delighted to be remembered as I had obviously made a good impression somewhere along the line.

Adidas UK were looking to showcase their new line of performance cycling wear which I have to say was incredibly comfortable. Sadly as the outfit was still in development stages I wasn’t allowed to keep anything – that would have come in really handy as well due to my upcoming cycle to Paris. But never mind…..

It was a great day working with professional cyclist Hannah Walker who is an actual star and at the ripe old age of 21 seems to be taking the female road cycling world by storm.

What a lady and what a day!

pics to follow when I’m allowed 🙂