New writing has always been a favourite of mine. I think it’s so important to perform fresh new pieces to keep developing theatre and keep it relevant. There’s so much that’s changing in the world at the moment for good and for bad and it’s so very important for it to be documented and challenged. Not just by the media but by the arts.

It’s my fourth year with The Big Bite-Size Breakfast Show up at the Edinburgh Fringe and we have made the leap this year from The Pleasance Queen Dome to The Pleasance Forth. Jumping up 90 seats in venue size was a real risk. We had sold out the last 2 years for the whole month and audience members were constantly asking us to move to a large venue so they wouldn’t find it so hard to get tickets.

Luckily the gamble seems to be paying off. With the first sell out day today, an article in the Scotsman, a 5 star review and a feature on Mervyn Stutters Pick of the Fringe Show. It was a real joy to perform today in front of a packed house at The Pleasance One and luckily they loved it!


It’s the plays that really carry the show – I insist on starting to read new scripts from January so we can make sure every single one is clever, relevant and quite simply ‘the best of the best’. I am overjoyed that our audiences tend to agree. Even our more seemingly lighter pieces have a serious message. Whether it be about the patriarchy, the #metoo movement, climate change or the end of the world these pieces carry you along light heartedly, passing on their message with more of a caress than a swinging hammer.

If you are around I do encourage you to come along, I’m very proud of this show and we can have a chat afterwards too!