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The Legacy Lives On!

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The rehearsed reading I performed in before Christmas at Tristan Bates Theatre in Soho has now been picked up by The Hope Theatre in Islington.

The Legacy is a new play written by Angela Clarke inspired by the Columbia University Mattress Protest against Campus Rape in the US. Angela’s darkly funny play explores the issues of family politics, being trapped in suburbia and secrets that just wont stay secret.

The show runs from the 8th June to the 13th June from 7.45pm

Tickets can be found HERE

“I read her newspaper bits. In one of them she used the v-word. Vagina. Actually wrote it. Thank god Daddy only read The Telegraph.”

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The Legacy

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My new play ‘The Legacy’ by Angela Clarke is debuting at the Tristan Bates Theatre at 3pm on the 16th & 17th of December 2014. The Cast (myself, Lucinda Westcar and Ray Bullock Jnr) and the Director (Michael Beigel) are raring to present this topical comedic show to the masses. The promotional image has also just been finalised and looks wonderful. (Photo by Ben Broomfield) Tickets are only £5 too so an economical way to experience the very best in cutting edge theatre at the very beginning of its theatrical journey. Website link is here I can’t wait and hope to see some familiar faces there!


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