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It’s a SELL OUT!

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What a Edinburgh Fringe it has been this year! What a whirlwind!

Not only was I in 2 shows this year but one was a SELL OUT!

I was luckily able to work with White Room Theatre again this year performing in the multi short play award winning show for its 11th year at the festival. BUT! as well as this director Nick Brice invited me to play the role of Izzy in ‘Izzy’s Manifestos’ a one woman play written by award winning writer Kevin Jones.

Izzy is a character that is really inspiring not for her greatness but for her flaws. Affected by loss and crippled by insecurity she floats from one incarnation of herself to another in an unconscious effort to find the love she has lost.

Performing in the Attic at the Gilded Balloon I was really lucky to have good audience numbers form the outset and some really lovely reviews from both audience member and the press.

However it was the Big Bite-Size Breakfast Show that won hearts for the 11th year running. 15 shorts plays running in rotation over the month even tempted the likes of Sam Mendes to attend. Selling out for the whole month and claiming several 5 Star Reviews it really was a joy to be a part of.

The Laurels being the icing on the cake.

sell out



Some pics from the month for your viewing pleasure

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Bite-Size Plays in London

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After our Sell Out run at The Pleasance Queen Dome at The Edinburgh Fringe, White Room Theatre were inviting to bring its Bite-Sized plays to London for a run at The Courtyard Theatre from the 18th October.

Last night was press night and it was a bit strange to be in such a different venue but luckily the team still had the same great chemistry as ever and off we went! Such fun to be working in my home town again and we’ve added a couple of new plays to the rundown to keep things fresh which is always amazing and terrifying in equal measure.

Come down if you can and see me looking unimpressed with a man in a wig!



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Edinburgh Fringe 2016

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What a whirlwind this August has been. I was lucky enough to work with some amazing people at White Room Theatre on their Bite-Size Plays Show which has been performing at The Pleasance for the last 10 years.

We were lucky enough to perform to packed houses and achieved the coveted Sell-Out run status!

We were performing in the Queen Dome which is a 170 seater, so lovely and big.

Such a great challenge as an actor to learn 21 short plays which such a great team and now there is a whisper of a London transfer so fingers crossed and I’ll keep you informed…….

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Masked Up for the Gods!

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I just wanted to post a little something about my last show Vervain Theatres The Bacchae.

The production was in full mask which made it very tough going rehearsal wise but incredibly rewarding as an actor.

I played the Chorus leader which meant I had several speeches all over 2 pages long, again another challenge.

What I loved about it the process was it thoroughly flexed all my creative muscles, learning new skills and remembering old. In a way it made me fall back in love with theatre in the traditional sense. My passion still lies in new writing, helping to create pieces which make statements about the world today. However, working on something so ancient as Euripides you see the foundation of theatre today in the making. Comedy and Tragedy interlocked to hit a powerful message home without putting of the watcher.

Clever stuff and not just for the academic fuddie duddies.

The BacchaeClaira Watson Parr ActorGreek Classic play theatre The Bacchae Claira Watson Parr Actor Greek Classic play theatre

Also some great pics from Ben Broomfield Photography as well.

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