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New Showreel edit!

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I read a recent article in The Stage by Westend Producer which detailed the importance of a showreel and how it can represent you well and badly.

I realised from reading that, far from being ‘simple and clean’ showing myself as me, mine was rather full of camera tricks, famous faces and soundtracks. I had chosen for my Showreel to look nice rather than actually fulfilling the purpose of its existence.

He stated that casting directors don’t have long to decide about you and they want to get straight into it. Two contrasting scenes and links to you at the end and you’re done.

So I’ve recut it – I’d love to know what you think.

I’ll report back if there’s been any change on the old audition front, let’s see…….


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Filming at Pinewood

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Yesterday I spent the day filming at Pinewood studios in West London. The birth place of Bond and Star Wars and promos for new ITV channels. Guess which one I was involved with?

The shoot details are still under wraps but I can tell you it was a wonderful day – the feel of the place is always electric, buzzing with life, drama and best of all, creation. This is the place where things happen and yesterday I was a very small part of that – and that always feels wonderful.

We wrapped at gone 10pm but I was still as light as a feather – I even got to snap this on my way out

I hope I’ll be back there very soon.

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Worst Celeb Feet Ever!

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Greetings All,

I was recently tweeted by someone asking me about the size of my feet. I found this quite odd, as you can imagine, but also slightly amusing. Having normal size 6 feet, I’ve never thought of them as anything special. I then get tweeted a picture of my feet! A still from the Film ‘After Death’ where from the angle of the camera my feet do indeed look large.

I then didn’t think anything of it – however I’ve just been sent a link stating that I have the ‘Worse Celeb Feet Ever!’

I am shocked and a little hurt that my poor feet have been subjected to such hatred from the global press!

I have decided to retaliate for the sake of my poor feet and feet everywhere that are judged too harshly!


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