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The Kat and Monocle

The Kat and Monocle

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I recently had the pleasure of working with Kat from Kat and Monocle to shoot her latest collection.

Very beautifully drawn animal prints with a quirky edge to them. They sell on T-shirts, cards, pottery and even bunting.

She has a stall on Saturdays on Broadway Market in East London but its about to launch her new website with online shop so get looking as there is something in her collection for everyone.

My personal favourite is the Cat in a Top Hat.

She also takes commissions so if your pet deserves to be preserved for all eternity this is definitely a more appealing alternative to taxidermy.

Kat and Monocle stall on Broadway Market

Check out and Like her Facebook page Here


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Tom Robertson Shoot

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This morning before the first bird sounded I was on the London streets doing a shoot with renowned US Photographer Tom Robertson.

He wanted to capture the new riding scene in London as well as capturing the capital and all its charms.

He was shooting on digital and medium format and I can’t wait to see the results.

In the meantime here’s one of my favourite shots from his website

Check out his other work on his website here


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Worst Celeb Feet Ever!

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Greetings All,

I was recently tweeted by someone asking me about the size of my feet. I found this quite odd, as you can imagine, but also slightly amusing. Having normal size 6 feet, I’ve never thought of them as anything special. I then get tweeted a picture of my feet! A still from the Film ‘After Death’ where from the angle of the camera my feet do indeed look large.

I then didn’t think anything of it – however I’ve just been sent a link stating that I have the ‘Worse Celeb Feet Ever!’

I am shocked and a little hurt that my poor feet have been subjected to such hatred from the global press!

I have decided to retaliate for the sake of my poor feet and feet everywhere that are judged too harshly!


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Working with old Freinds

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Last year I did a shoot with Adidas for their My Girls campaign to get more women into sport.

My section of the shoot was all about cycling in London and the scene that is incorporated in.

It was fantastic to work with such a great team and really showcase the sport to its full potential.

Imagine my surprise when I received a phone call from the same production company asking if I would like to appear in their latest shoot the very next day.

I was delighted to be remembered as I had obviously made a good impression somewhere along the line.

Adidas UK were looking to showcase their new line of performance cycling wear which I have to say was incredibly comfortable. Sadly as the outfit was still in development stages I wasn’t allowed to keep anything – that would have come in really handy as well due to my upcoming cycle to Paris. But never mind…..

It was a great day working with professional cyclist Hannah Walker who is an actual star and at the ripe old age of 21 seems to be taking the female road cycling world by storm.

What a lady and what a day!

pics to follow when I’m allowed :-)

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Triple Threat

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They do say never to work with animals or children but in my latest shoot to celebrate the fashion collaboration between Hiro&Wolf and Kate Moross I was working with not one dog but three!

Both Amy Fleuriot (co-founder of Hiro&Wolf) and Kate (design guru) have Shiba Inu dogs which all featured in the shoot as well. They are absolutely awesome and I have to say it, very professional to work with – Taco, the lady of the bunch, could even Hi Five on command, most wonderful.

Filmed on location on the Heath it was a balmy 28 degrees – perfect for showing off the designs of these two fabulous women.

A great shoot and I can’t wait to see the finished images and video – rest assured I will be posting when it comes out but for now here’s a sneak peak.


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Tweed Run

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For those of you that don’t know the Tweed Run is a Metropolitan bike ride through the centre of London wearing your finest Tweeds on your most sporting vintage bicycle.

Every year the ride gets bigger and bigger and I have been lucky enough to be asked to be involved.

Their new galley on their website is up and running and definitely worth a visit if you like all things dashing.

pip pip!

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Getting to Grips

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I love social media. From an acting point of view it’s very good for keeping in contact with clients and networking with new ones. From a personal perspective my family and friendship group are spread out all across the world but are in the same room with the aid of the internet.

However, trying to build a website to incorporate social media links and widgets is frankly doing my nut in.

If you see a facebook ‘Like’ button on this post anywhere please push it, because I can’t see it anywhere!

I will not let this defeat me – I must forge onwards – until my brain bleeds……….

This is how I am currently feeling (Thank you Tamsin Greig for summing it up so perfectly)

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